27 de março de 2020

How to fix a broken heart – Guy Winch

At some point in our lives, almost every one of us will have our heart broken.  My patient Kathy planned her wedding when she was in middle […]
20 de março de 2020

The gift and power of emotional courage – Susan David

Hello, everyone.  Sawubona.  In South Africa, where I come from, “sawubona” is the Zulu word for “hello.” There’s a beautiful and powerful intention behind the word because “sawubona” literally […]
13 de março de 2020

Never, ever give up – Diana Nyad

It’s the fifth time I stand on this shore, the Cuban shore, looking out at that distant horizon, believing, again, that I’m going to make it all the way across that […]
6 de março de 2020

Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care – Cleo Wade

My best friend recently had a baby. And when I met him, I was in awe of witnessing this tiny, beautiful being enter into our lives. I also had […]
28 de fevereiro de 2020

Remember to say thank you – Laura Trice

Hi. I’m here to talk to you about the importance of praise, admiration and thank you, and having it be specific and genuine. And the way I got […]
21 de fevereiro de 2020

How to buy happiness – Michael Norton

So I want to talk today about money and happiness, which are two things a lot of us spend a lot of our time thinking about, either trying […]
14 de fevereiro de 2020

Try something new for 30 days – Matt Cutts

A few years ago, I felt like I was stuck in a rut, so I decided to follow in the footsteps of the great American philosopher, Morgan Spurlock, and […]
7 de fevereiro de 2020

Keep your goals to yourself – Derek Sivers

Everyone, please think of your biggest personal goal. For real – you can take a second. You’ve got to feel this to learn it. Take a few seconds […]
31 de janeiro de 2020

Build a school in the cloud – Sugata Mitra (Educational researcher)

When, in 1960, still a student, I got a traveling fellowship to study housing in North America. We traveled the country. We saw public housing high-rise buildings in all major cities: New […]