6 de abril de 2020


Although living together is now acceptable, 60 percent of couples living together still get married after a few years, Why do people still marry in the […]
1 de abril de 2020

How do you say… in English?

Legendas (de filme) – Subtitles Mick is glad he can now understand movies in Spanish without reading the subtitles. Filial – Branch Our company is planning […]
30 de março de 2020

World faces biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945

The United Nations (UN) has reported that the world is facing its biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945. It has issued a plea to all nations to […]
27 de março de 2020

How to fix a broken heart – Guy Winch

At some point in our lives, almost every one of us will have our heart broken.  My patient Kathy planned her wedding when she was in middle […]
25 de março de 2020

How do you say… in English?

Terceirização – Outsourcing. Outsourcing of non-core activities is a usual practice among many companies nowadays. Capital de giro – Working capital. Working capital is essential in […]
23 de março de 2020


In some ways it was a typical breakfast meeting. The waitress was pleasant, the eggs were average, and the restaurant was full of busy people. We […]
20 de março de 2020

The gift and power of emotional courage – Susan David

Hello, everyone.  Sawubona.  In South Africa, where I come from, “sawubona” is the Zulu word for “hello.” There’s a beautiful and powerful intention behind the word because “sawubona” literally […]
18 de março de 2020

How do you say… in English?

Arroba (em endereços de e-mail) – At. A: What’s your e-mail address? B: It’s housecomidiomas at yahoo dot com dot b It’s housecomidiomas@yahoo.com.br Brega/cafona – Tacky […]
16 de março de 2020

TEEN PREGNANCY – A Global Tragedy

TEEN pregnancy has been called an epidemic. However, the tragic proportions of this problem are best seen when the impact of a pregnancy upon one frightened […]